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Alright, here goes...

I've been on this forum as a lurker for about 2 years now. I never thought there was any point to make an account as I had an Audi and this is a BMW Forum, but I spend so much time on here on a daily basis that I just caved in and made one.

I needed your advice about weight loss/gain and how I can go ahead and do it, I guess my situation needs a little explaining.

I weighed aprox. 200+ lbs upon entry into freshman year at college, during the first year alone, I lost 20 pounds (to 180) without trying anything differently. At the start of the summer I went to Greece, I spent 4 months there, swimming, chilling, etc. I went to the gym for about 1.5 of those months daily (with no weight loss whatsoever) but I ended up passing out one time and decided to stop... After stopping the gym I lost another 30 pounds, to end up at 160lbs by the end of summer. Ask me how? I have no idea.

Starting sophomore year all the way to the end of my third year I have gained all that weight back, I dont know how! I am now approx. 200 pounds. I guess it's the stress of school and what not. I am starting my summer now but 1 month of it will be dedicated to a practical rotation, so I could go to the gym before or after.

I don't look fat, but I notice the weight. I have most of my fat gain to my thighs and butt... and I'm a guy... I don't want to have a fat ass.

I wanted to sit down and make a workout plan and what to do... I know the basics, and I've used all the machines. I just need a plan that I could stick to on a daily basis and see results. I have pure whey protein in my room but I dont really know how or when to use it best in order to lose weight while building muscle at the same time. I have full access to a gym.

If it makes any diff, I am approx 6 feet. Every time I talk to a personal trainer, they tell me I have the body to get tanked, my frame is solid and there's a lot of potential... I just dont know how to go about utilizing it.

If any of you could help that would be great!