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Hey there,

Thank you so much for your responses.

I would just like to know why I lost so much weight during the summer when I ate a steak nightly? It's very weird to me.

Also, with respect to your workout plan. I know this sounds weird but I really, really really hate cardio. I can't stand it. I love using the machine and doing 4 sets with alternating reps/weight, dumbells, anything to utilize my muscle. I really dislike the treadmill and the elliptical because I get so goddamn fucking bored on them I want to kill myself. In the summer (when I lost all the weight), I would run for about 15 minutes... albiet I swam for the rest of the day but that was fun, unlike this treadmill crap.

What are your thoughts on P90, does that work with the meal plan you have set out?