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Originally Posted by MarkW83 View Post
Definitely; but I think my main point was that before perhaps there was reason for such prejudice to exist, as the brand did undoubtedly attract a certain type of person/driver as part of its customer base. I personally think that isn't the case anymore, so the bit of prejudice that does still exist is just based on the past, usually held by the uninformed, and just isn't warranted anymore, so can be completely disregarded. Agree that any prejudice - whether representative and true or not - shouldn't be there though!

To be honest, you can get many 'average' cars these days - Mondeos, Citroen people carriers, Peugeots, hell even Kias - for at least the 24k starting price for a 3 Series, and often more, with the 3 Series obviously being the much better car (specific needs and practicality aside), even for economy, and not even considering higher residuals. So, as long as that person is driving the car because they appreciate it, and not just because of the badge, then the only assumption being made should be that they make very good buying decisions

Anyway...onto the subject of brakes; I didn't spec the M Sport brakes on my 330d; my 135i has uprated brakes as standard (fixed caliber 6-pot on the front I think), which are sublime. I wonder if I'll be underwhelmed going to the 330d standard brakes?
Agree 100% about the old prejudices no longer mattering even if they do linger on.

So for the brakes... As per my earlier post I felt there was a noticeable difference between he brakes on 330d se demo and my 330d m-sport. I actually didn't realise the m-sport came with different brakes, but others suggest it does and it sounds like you have just confirmed as much.

If there is time perhaps you should see if it's still possible? I say that because the brakes on my car are very good, but not amazing. I simply have no complaints. Were you to give me a sub 6 second 0-60 car with lesser brakes, I may raise an eyebrow... Got to remember it's heavier than the 135 and not actually much slower at all in terms of real world driving.

By the way, if you have the ballsy 135 already, what made you go for the 330d? Most peoples 'second car' tends to be some sort of eco-effort to balance out the car they really enjoy driving