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Exclamation 2014 BMW 435i and 428i Order Guides Reveal Lines, Options and Packages

2014 BMW 435i and 428i Order Guides Reveal Lines, Options and Packages

U.S. BMW dealers have now received order forms for ordering their first demo 435i and 428i coupes (just as they did recently for the 2014 X5), and the forms give us a good general preview of the different lines, options and packages to expect for the 2014 BMW 435i and 428i (U.S. configuration).

Not much surprises on here, but it does show that full LED head lights will be available on the 4 Series (just as we spied up-close yesterday) and it may be equipped with the new 609 Navigation Professional system. There are also some new M Sport wheels options (Style 441M and 442M).

Like the F30 3 Series, the 4 Series coupe will be available in "Lines" but it does not appear to be available in a Modern Line. The order forms list Luxury Line, Sport Line, and M Sport Lines.

The official customer order guides will be made available closer to the start of production, which begins this July for the F32 coupe and November for the F33 convertible.

The US will get the 428i and 435i coupes, in RWD and xDrive versions. The European model lineup can be seen in this previous post showing VIN model lookup results. In its first model year (2014), the 435i coupe will be powered by the same N55 engine as the current F30 335i sedan (with the same power output) and the 428i is likewise powered by the same N20 engine as the current F30 328i sedan.

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435i COUPE (F32)

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428i COUPE (F32)

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