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Originally Posted by mikeycons View Post
But he did have an E85 tune right ?
No, he ran 93.

I will just reiterate what i always do that all these numbers that get thrown around are pointless for so many reasons, especially without a baseline. Different cars on different dynos on different days, etc etc. Not only that, but the shape of the curve for some custom tunes i have seen is awful - it might give you a peak # to brag about but area under the curve is what matters.

So let's circle back to the original question -

Yes, you will max out stock PWG turbo with a XDI-35 and a custom tune. The amount of power it makes in terms of xxx WHP is irrelevant because it is what it is - you wont be able to push any higher without a turbo upgrade. The more relevant question, which is equally as difficult to put a number to, is how much gain you will have relative to your current tune. That will depend heavily on your E mix, since the PWG turbo is already pushed pretty far on the OTS map, so most of the gains will be from timing and not more boost. I think you will have to answer that question in hindsight. I recommend getting some good 4th gear logs on a nice smooth road with your current setup and then go back and log under the same/closest conditions with the new setup and tune and throw them in VD for comparison.

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