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To add context, Ive got a Halim tuned FBO M2 with Dorch Stage 1 HPFP, Dinan turbo, and am running half 93/half E85.

Were working to create a setup that is rock solid with no power loss or overheating the car on a 100F summer track day during a 45min open track session, and I have every plug & play cooling solution available (CSF, do88, Wagner Evo3), and Im only expecting 425-430whp on a Dynojet.

Sure, we could push more, but I have some 100F+ ambient logs with several back to back 3-4 & 3-4-5 pulls with hard braking in between, and weve got no timing pull and coolant/oil temps seem stable at the upper limit of what I want to see.

Im hitting the rollers next week with another M2 guy with a PS2 that is focused on max reliable power for the street so hell be able to push quite a bit further than me, but well still overlay the curves and post up in the M2 forum so everyone can take a look.