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Having tried v2.0.0.B0.mod I think I may go back to v1.0.A0.mod.

I couldn't get a reliable wireless connection to AA whilst also being connected to the OEM bluetooth (though when it did work it was great). And my Pixel 3 wouldn't auto-connect to AA. With v1, when you plugged in an Android phone via USB it took you through the full AA setup including wireless. But with v2 it doesn't take you through the wireless part of the setup.

I also notice 'OK Google' works but doesn't understand what I'm saying, whereas in v1 it worked fine.

And the text on Google Maps is a little pixelated. I know it's not a big deal.

v2 also seemed a little 'laggy' but that may be my perception.

Great work though!

EDIT: Seems to be working after a reboot of everything.

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