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Originally Posted by Furbz View Post
I'm really struggling with my Android not using Mobile data when connected to the MMI.
i have gone into settings on my phone and enabled "switch to mobile data" - use mobile data whenever your WI-FI internet is connection is slow or unstable.

this has not worked as when i am connected to the MMI wifi i am still offline and unable to stream or use maps correctly.
on my phone i also have no connection if i try search anything in google.
so no data is coming through at all.
if i disconnect the WIFI i get data perfectly over mobile network.

Samsung S10
Android 10

v2.0.0.B0.mod (i never changed this from its original)

any help will be greatly appreciated
I was struggling with the same problem und I may have found a solution just today. I "forgot" the Andreams WiFi on my phone and connected manually to it over the WirelessProjection or something (don't know the correct name, second icon I guess, had to fill the 7x"8" as SSID-password). When I connected to it, I had a pop-up saying that this WiFi has no internet connection and I choose the option to switch to mobile data. I disconnected the WiFi and switched to AA. After a very short time, my phone showed the message with "no internet over WiFi" and I chose the option to activate mobile data again. I haven' tested it a lot but the last 3 times I checked, this worked. Maybe you can try it and give me feedback. Or perhaps another solution, if you find one