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Originally Posted by ro881e View Post
Fair play, my bad! I guess my point still stands though!
Which point was that?

My first car was a '67 VW Beetle in 1969. I think it cost around $1000. I was 16 and paid for it with my summer-job earnings.

My first BMW was a '71 R50/5 purchased in 1971. It cost $1,400 brand new. I was 18 and paid for it with summer job earnings and a small bank loan.

My first BMW car was a '69 1600 purchased in 1971 during college. It cost $1,295 used. I paid for it with a bank loan.

From then to now, you simply have to move the decimal one place and you get to my most recent 128i M-sport 6-speed purchase. Even college tuition between my first year in college and my eldest daughter's first year was a decimal-place difference, and she's now 33-years-old. God only knows what her Masters degree cost her over the past three-years, but she never asked for a dime!