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Originally Posted by Skiddish View Post
Surprised so many people think destiny is a flop, it's really a fun game. Especially coming from D3, that's a really big shocker.

I think that the new CoD is going to blow though, just like the others have of late.

Just holding onto my seat for MCC and then goodbye world.
I don't think Destiny is a flop, but I do feel a little short changed after all the hype they put into the advertisement campaign.

I wasn't going in with the expectation of Halo "epicness", but I was hoping for a more detailed storyline and i don't like the level up process.

I also was a little disappointed that you have to level up each character individually, instead of being able to have a different class character for the sake of using differnt "fighting styles" or "load outs" if that makes any sense.
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