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Originally Posted by R3dliner View Post
friend has the pro with the VR. The PS VR is so laggy and choppy. frame rate dips. Doesn't even come close to my PC Vive VR.
IMO no point of upgrading. It's not even native 4k and graphics aren't any better.
What a shame to hear about the VR being a letdown...and that's another $400 on top of the PS4. Anyone else experiencing same issues with the Sony VR?

I thought about grabbing the VR for my "old" PS4 but if it's laggy and choppy on the updated system, it would be a disaster on the old one.

No doubt that the PC is the far superior gaming system...but I'm with Wolf 335 on this one...I'm not serious enough of a gamer for that kind of time/money commitment...just rather kick back and have some drinks while playing FIFA and COD with friends on the weekends...