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Originally Posted by Malloy View Post
Nice build so far - that stitching job looks really tedious, wow.

Can you share part numbers for the head rests?

Here's the RealOEM page for the folding headrest part numbers (item #1 in the figure). For the black dakota leather with black stitching, the part number I searched was 52207291129.

Originally Posted by cdwalls View Post
love the steering wheel! Worth it to move from M sport to the v2? Are there other options for wheel trims if i don't want carbon?
I don't have anything else that is carbon fiber on my car.
I wasn't much of a fan of the cheap feeling leather on the M-Sport wheel, so the M-Performance v2 wheel was definitely worth it for me.

My carbon steering wheel trim is actually the stock trim from my M-Sport wheel that I wrapped in CF vinyl and painted the silver "Y" part EBII. You can use your existing trim if you want..

Originally Posted by Clarkwgrizwald View Post
This car is a 2017? I mean havenít you voided the warranty on almost everything?
Nope . I've gone in for two warranty repairs within the last year so far. The first was due to an injector on cyl 1 going bad, and the second was for a cross/misthreaded bolt hole in my trunk that my rear support bar mounts to (I didn't realize that issue till I tried removing the cargo mount there, and realizing it was loose due to the poor original threading).

In both cases my local dealership said, "No problem!" and handled the repairs smoothly and quickly. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, take care of your local dealership service folks, and they'll take care of you!