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I don't understand the 10 Euro difference. In the states the S4 Prestige (navigation, back up camera, heated everything, B&O sound system, 19 inch rims, Ipod adaptor, LED lights, Quattro, Satelite radio) + Sports diff is 55,100. FULLY LOADED. The 335i (no x-drive as its not out with similar options is 55,425, again fully loaded. Factor in X-drive when its avaliable and it'll be nearly 57K.

Furthermore after a quick web search the best numbers from the S4 are 0-60 in 4.4 and 1/4 in 12.8 (non tuned). The best i've seen for the F30 335i is 4.7 and 13.3 respectably. However the S4 in almost every review runs 0-60 in 4.4-4.7 and 1/4 in 12.8-13.0, while the 335i is usually in the low 5's and mid to upper 13's.

Maybe i'm biased because i have an S4 as my daily driver but the car is simply the better of the two. Its cheaper, faster, and sexier IMHO
AWD is the major difference. The S4 is nice and clean. The new F30 has an 8 speed Auto which has decreased it's 0-60 speed from the previous Auto speed. I haven't seen the manual 0-60 time.
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