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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
The Mini in the US starts at $22000 and goes all the way up to $35000, I would not exactly called that a $15000 mid size sedan. The A class is nothing more than fancy smart car, the reason why is not sold here in the US is because there is no demand for a $23000 smart car.
My original point was that Audi and Lexus should not be considered lesser of a brand just because they are associated with VW and Toyota. After reading your post, I now think that BMW and Mercedes should be considered lesser of a brand because they are associated with the Mini and the A-class
I give up, you clearly weren't the strong reader at your school, or you're a politician, or both.

I mentioned the Mini One, not a US spec Cooper. The A Class would not be $23k with US pricing, as even your beloved Jetta starts at 17k pounds (albeit with nicer ROW specs, not the solid axle US spec). Further, as already stated, there's a new A-Class coming that may even make it to the US.

But to your point that Audi and Lexus aren't diluted by being associated with VW and Toyota, I generally do agree with that. Of course VW also has Skoda and SEAT to drag them down, and Toyota has Scion too. I don't buy cars based on brands, if Hyundai continues building great cars, I'll probably own one of those at some point, and if BMW keeps building heavy, electronically assisted cars with minimal feedback, I'll probably stop buying those too.
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