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Originally Posted by MaD_MooD_S View Post
Since a young age all i really wanted was a BMW. Soon after i graduated university i started working....4 years later, married with a kid on the way...i saved as much as i can,this was it...i had to get the car now before life got more expensive. Coming from a vauxhaul corsa then a skoda octavia A5, my dream was a black 328i f30 sport with red interior. Took out a loan that i can handle, not coming for a rich was really tough reaching the required amount for the car. This was 2013 in Egypt, finally i bought it and drove it home from the dealership. What an accomplishment it was for me. Was never a show off, just a car enthusiast.. that had a dream of owning it. Insured the car a full insurance that did not cover natural disasters...most insurance policies did not...After a year of owning the best car of my life...we had heavy rainfall and flooding in my garage and my car was totaled...the insurance did not pay anything...and sold it for half price. I was devastated...lost so much money. Still had to repay my loan with interest...which was even more grievance. 2 month later a sudden inflation occurred that tanked our currency, made car prices nearly double. Therefore it was a double with the money i had i barely could afford a kia picanto. 6 years later i have saved enough money to buy an f30 again....hopefully a used 2016 BMW 320i lci ( within my budget). Having another kid and them being in school , life has gotten much more expensive, we are a middle class live in these standards it is really tough for me to provide this. But my dream is to buy this car again...really worried if it will affect my monthly expenses...but i cant handle driving a normal beat up car any longer...attached are pics of my disaster.

Also note...alot of ppl told me you should've tried to fix your car...the water had reached the steering wheel level. Was it salvageable? or did i hastily sell as scrap?

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Sadly, your car is scrap. You might be able to clean it up, but soon, the electrics will fail you.

My area has many flooded cars. Even up to the floor boards can be bad. And people resell these things to unsuspecting buyers all the time. Flooded cars are junk.

Why you insurance didn't pay at least some is strange. You need to start yelling and screaming. Maybe a lawyer?

Here is a good picture. I think the guys car stalled but it looks like the water was not up to the floor boards. His car might be OK. Yours is not. Good luck and keep us posted.

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