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Originally Posted by J1n View Post
Walking around Melbourne I see Audi's everywhere? Often I ask myself why would someone get an Audi over a MB or BMW or Lexus. I went to the website to check out the pricing and options. Audi does offer more options standard.. but I'm not sure the pricing is fair to justify the cost of an Audi.
I see the same thing in Brisbane, and I have always been a big Audi fan, but go and sit in one. You'll notice the difference.

Are they nice? Damn right, but they don't have the "feel" of a BMW or Mercedes (at the same level) once we're talking A5's + it's a bit different, and the new A4 made a huge jump, but I still feel the 3 series is a bit ahead in most area's.

As for the original question, the BMW, to me is certainly a luxury car, but that's probably because I have come from old old old cars and a Holden Ute, which was fun, but it's still a Holden, and while I loved the look of it, even with all the bells and whistles they have added over the years (and more importantly, the bells and whistles being added in the VF) the fact is, it's still a Holden, and it doesn't mean it's added well, Holden's fall apart, the leather on my steering wheel's started to come off after a year, the leather in the seats was not stitched well, they make noises, handle like boats (some). And I know it wasn't just mine, I came from a country town where every man and his dog had a Holden/Ford/Toyota, I've driven every year model, and even the HSV's/FPV's and while they are "power houses" they still lack that refinement that BMW offers, and to be honest, it's the little things I love about my car that constantly surprise me.

I thought I would be constantly amazed at the built in Nav, reversing sensors, and paddle shifts but it's the little things like the mirrors auto folding in, the lights built into the door handles, the automatic tyre pressure sensors, etc that really put the smile on my face.