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Originally Posted by Number View Post
There is a seller in the Classified that is selling his 401s with Bridgestone Potenzas... cheap and brand new. I was going to pick them up, but decided I will probably go down to 18" wheels.

As far as the M-Pref Suspension being the same drop as H&R Sport, that is not the case. The M-Pref Suspension will lower it 10mm more than the US Spec Sport and M-Sport Suspension. The H&R Sport Springs will lower the car about 24mm more than the US Spec Sport and M-Sport Suspension. Again, this is only on the US Spec 335i.

A US Spec 328i on M-Pref will still lower the car 10mm more than the US Spec Sport and M-Sport, but the US Spec H&R Sport Springs will lower it less than 24mm in the front due to the lighter engine.

Basically, in the USA, we only get the 335i H&R Sport Springs. In the EU, they get different H&R Sport Springs for the 328i and the 335i. Hope this makes sense.

As far as ride quality vs performance, it's up to you. IMO, the performance gains of lowering the car is a moot point since most people won't drive their car at it's limit. However, if you do drive your car like that (hopefully only on the track), you should consider more than just swapping out springs. So for daily drivers, I always consider ride quality before performance; and H&R Springs alone will make the ride quality suffer. This is just my opinion and everyone's tolerance for what is acceptable will differ. Hope this helped.
thanks for the tips and I agree.. I just joined the BMW CCA and will hopefully do some courses soon, so I may hold out for M suspension or some coilovers.. I just cannot stand my current ride height with the 18" rims, too much Camry for me.

If I were to really get into autox, i would probably get a lightweight set of 18" arc-7's or something similar, but for daily driving, the 19's are pretty.