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Originally Posted by rjb View Post
My new 2013 AH3 is only ~100 miles old now and I have a couple of newbie questions for you and the other AH3 owners here:

1.) "break-in period"?? Didn't hear anything about that from my dealer....
What is it?

2.) After these 100 or so miles, I'm surprised/disappointed that I'm only seeing 19-20 mpg around town...and that's with lots of feathered starts in EcoDrive, etc. I was getting ~18mpg in my 2010 535 manual trans...and expected this to be a lot better. 450 miles per tank seems like a distant fantasy. Any ideas or suggestions what's going on?


1. "break-in period" is a period where you are gentle with the car. Some people believe in it, and others don't. So whether you follow it or not is up to you. You can find more info about it on pg 150 in the AH3 owner's manual. It recommends keeping the engine below 4500 rpm, and keeping to speeds below 100 mph for the first 1200 miles. There's also some stuff on the tires and brakes.

2. I also saw only 19-20 mpg on the first 100 miles. It steadily got better after that. Now I'm between 23 and 24 mpg with an average speed of 24 mph. That speed indicates I'm in a lot of stop and go traffic.