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Originally Posted by bmw5858 View Post
Hi guys,

so i though it would be nice to have a topic and talking about 1/4 mile! How do you guys launch, what car and mods, time slip..

For me, i'm wondering how to launch properly the car to get a good 0-60..
I have a 435I 2014 convertible with heavy wheel (Vossen cv4) RWD Automatic with FBO :

CTS intercooler
BMS Intake
ER Chargepipe
ER Catted downpipe
Full borla ATAK catback
JB4 + EWG connector
Running 94 octane on map 5! Will do a custom map 6 soon!

I've tried the Launch control and can't even have a little grip so car is spinning like hell...

What do you guys suggest? Brake boost only? 2000 rpm? less or more?
Starting from 1st or 2nd gear?

At what RPM do you suggest to shift?

Waiting for your experience and news!!

Prolly gonna have to launch in 2nd gear but track grip is different from the street