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Originally Posted by graphicjunkie View Post
So I'm really on the fence about this. I have a piggy back that is a pretty solid bump in performance. But if I do too much, I get limp mode. I don't care about CEL's as long as I know it's not a real problem/issue. But one thing that I will say of concern is soot. At WOT I don't really care how much coal I roll. But under normal conditions, how much soot do you see?

Like my chipped 6.0L Powerstroke. Under normal acceleration and driving, it doesn't produce much of anything for smoke. When I hit the skinny stick, it will just about black out the sun.

I really like the numbers they are posting for the improvements...I believe it's higher than what I currently get when I turn my chip up, which is night and day difference over stock...(BMW screwed up with the existing OEM power.)
If you are on a chip then you still have your dpf. If you are rolling coal now then I pity your dpf, regens, and clogging.