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I live in British Columbia, there is no emmission inspection, or else I would not have done it. The CEL shouldnt trip as I has 2 defoulers on the 2nd O2, plus I have bimmer link & bimmer code so I can reset it anytime in 10 seconds with the phone if it ever trips. The O2 sensors were very tight like sspade said, I had to WD40 the heck out of it and wrench like mad for about 10 mins, you can see the O2 socket I bought in the pix too. The cat (and the car) has 21,000 miles only, I covered all the questions I think.

Today I'll be putting it back on the car, hopefully less pain in the ass than removing it. I got anti seize for the O2s. Turbo side v band clamp will the toughest to line up, everything else is just taking the time to bolt up.
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