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I'll throw in my two cents worth of review, too. I've run E50 on this pump with boost at 25 psi at peak torque and tapering to 20 psi at redline. On some occasions under those conditions it would fuel cut briefly at the top of 2nd if going from a 3,000 RPM brake torquing launch. The speed at which it rips through the top of the rev range in first and second gears just starts to overwhelm its delivery rate a little bit. Not bad at all, and the XDI-60 will do better than that.

This is a modular pump with replaceable flanges and fuel inlet configurations. It's essentially a universally reconfigurable pump that can apply to nearly any Bosch based direct injection application. The pump body is o-ring sealed to a removable flange that's tailored for the specific application. It can rotate within the flange for orientation direction. There's an inlet body mounted to the pump body that can be reoriented for inlet direction and connector type. This allows them to cover the half dozen vehicle brands that they do. That and other odd bits, like the flush headed allen bolt that replaces the stock one that holds the front knock sensor in place. The modular design should allow adaptation to the B58 and even S58 platform with a new flange and the right inlet configuration. I suspect we'll be seeing 700 - 800 whp B58s and 1000+ whp S58s with aftermarket HPFPs in the future, mods permitting. Yay!

All of this is brilliant, but, the same pump used in Ford applications is $1600, rather than $2000. The only difference is the flange, the inlet orientation and inlet fitting. The orientation can be changed easily and the fitting replaced for about $10. The flange costs no more to machine for the Ford versus the BMW application. The accessory hoses and fittings are of equivalent value between the two applications. A significant "BMW tax" is being imposed here, in my opinion. Most likely in large part by the fact that TTFS is the only re-seller for the BMW version of the pump.

My experience with TTFS at the beginning of the year was less than stellar. It took 41 days from the time the pump was ordered to the time it was delivered, with several un-returned emails and phone calls along with phone conversations and emails filled with apologies and empty promises of mine being shipped in the next batch, next week. Only when emailing and calling to leave a voice mail cancelling my order did I get a last return phone call and promise to ship it out. Finally it arrived at the end of the week as promised in that call. I'm sure it was largely due to XDI's backlog of orders at the time, but it could certainly have been handled better.

In terms of design, there is one small flaw. The pump body itself is sealed between it's OD and the flange's ID with an o-ring. Similar to how the factory HPFP is sealed within the vacuum pump body. But with the XDI, neither is sealed to the vacuum pump itself. Only the flange mating surfaces tolerance between the vacuum pump flange and the fuel pump flange allow any kind of seal, possibly allowing oil to weep. You may want to use a tiny amount of carefully applied sealant, being careful not to use excess.

With all of that said, while it may seem like I'm dumping on this pump, I actually really enjoy having it on the car. It allowed me to ditch PI and my JB4 and run elevated boost levels with cleanly controlled DME PI for factory smoothness and big power. It certainly delivers, I just wish it did so at lower than earlier adopter prices with German luxury car owner tax added on top of that. Hopefully one of the other vendors who've been teasing at offering a pump will have something on the market soon to drive down prices. In the meantime, if you're looking to stay DI and make big power, these pumps will do that.
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