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Originally Posted by Billfitz View Post
There are three separate reasons for coding. One is to eliminate warnings of burnt out bulbs because the system doesn't detect the LED as being a bulb. The next is to prevent the lamps from blinking every few minutes. You won't know it's happening because you can't see the lights when you're driving. Everyone else will. The last is to change the voltage supplied to the bulbs from a pulsed DC to a constant DC by coding them 'is LED'. If you don't it will cause hyper flashing with some LEDs.
It's above and to the left of your left knee. If it was a snake it would have bit you every time you got into the car.
Thanks for explaining--I'll be coding for sure then. As for what I meant when I didn't have time to find my OBD unit, I meant the actual wifi OBD unit I purchased online to do the coding via app; sometimes being too organized works against you and you actually have a harder time finding where you kept things.