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Originally Posted by jmsent View Post
Having had an E92 335 for 5 years now, I have to say that I was taken by Joey Hand's saying the 328 is noticeably sharper and more agile than the 335. Makes sense given that the weight difference is now almost 200 lb. This is leading me to think that there's an F32 with the 2L turbo in my future. I love my N54, warts and all. But given the lure of better mileage, more agile feel, lower cost, and lighter weight, the 4 pot is making more sense than ever for a new car. I love the sheer power of my car, but have to admit I almost never use it. And it's most likely that the coupe will already have the things I need like standard Xenons, sport suspension, etc. Looking good. Now for a preliminary test drive of the sedan and some serious financial planning.
The difference between a 328i A and a 335i 6MT in the US specs sheet is 50kgs(110lbs) , sure the 328 HAS TO BE a tiny bit more agile because of less weight in front. Fair enough. But tbh: I had a 335i N54 before the M3 V8. And the N54 weighs seriously less than a M3 V8(despite the markeing bs they tell you, just like Joey Hand is telling you what YOU want to hear) , but a M3 V8 still felt 'sharp' also due to it's M chassis layout etc.

On the other hand, tried a 1//M and the E90 M3 felt like a boat.(N54 ftw LOL)

We don't want to have much weight up front, but we also want power and a good sound, don't we?

(BMW is trying to get their weightbalance 50/50, better take a look at Corvette or the Ferrari 599 for that matter....)