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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
Unpopular opinion: I can't watch sports on TV. I don't have time to sit and watch sports AT ALL. Like ANY sports. I love sports though, I played Football and Baseball all though grade school and high school but I just don't watch nor keep up with the NFL or MLB. I don't get it, who has that time?! When my football fan friends talk football I can't keep up and I say little. They probably think I don't know shit about the sport, but I do find it interesting that they have never suited up and set foot behind the line and bled on the field for their team in their life. I have many times. Ironic.

With F1, I do try and watch the race highlights on their youtube channel during the season but I can't sit and watch entire races. This show condenses everything into something entertaining and digestible, it's so good. I really wish NFL and the NBA did something like this, although it would be much more difficult to impossible with so many teams.
Who has the time lol? How is your life so incredibly busy and complex that you can take a few hours once in a while to watch your favorite sporting event? How did you have time to even make this post???

In the US, the vast majority of F1 races are taking place early Sunday morning so not exactly a typical busy point for anyone.