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Originally Posted by Sumithb13 View Post
Wait, isn't the F30 328i supposed to be 88 lbs lighter than the E90 328i? How come the curb weight of an automatic F30 328i is 3461 lbs when the 2011 E90 328i is 3362 lbs? This better be a mistake because I find the E90 to heavy for my liking. I'm getting a manual F30 328i and even that is heavier at 3406 lbs. What gives?
This happens quite often. The manufacturer claims that the new car is lighter when similarly equipped, but that is a very vague statement as it doesn't have to mean that the statement holds for every possible configuration, or even that the new car can be similarly equipped to the old one at all in their definition of "similar".

So we expected the new 328i to be 88lbs lighter, when in fact it is ~40lbs heavier for both manual and automatic. That 120lbs is hard to explain just based on the upsized rims or iDrive hardware. I wonder in what way it is not similarly equipped to an iDrive E90 with 17 inch rims, which likely weighs similar to the base F30, not 88lbs heavier?