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Originally Posted by e90jprad View Post
You are TOTALLY NOT ALONE! ... The front of the F30 may look more "aggressive" but it looks like a mass to me. Plus, I think the new headlights look like cheap aftermarkets from afar. ... The e90 LCI xenons ROCK!
Not alone, but in a small group.

The F30 Msport looks better all around. The E90 LCI looks good too, on the outside. The facelift did wonders for the E90, but couldn't cure the disaster of an interior. I just has a 328xi loaner E90, and was reminded as to why I past on the E90.

Yes, the F30 rear end doesn't look finished. I still think it looks cool, but BMW should have blacked out all the way inside the "eyebrow ridges".
By leaving too much body color it makes the rear look odd.
It makes the ridges look pointless as they frame NOTHING.
ON the E90 Msport in the pic, it's blacked out the way it should be.

They're both nice, but, the F30 is just nicer, and I know I'm not alone.