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Originally Posted by autobahn75 View Post
The Gold BMW extended warranty is just like the coverage you get as new. All maintenance is covered.
So that's what, 3 oil/filter changes that you can get done for $100 (or less) at a reputable independent BMW shop? Plus probably one "major" service that could cost several hundred dollars. Call it $700-800 total in maintenance saved?

Look, these dealers are (usually) not stupid. For this to work out in your favor, you need at least a couple of major items to go wrong. You also have to be sure they are not excluded in the warranty somehow. Plus you probably have to do the work at a specific location, so if something goes wrong while you're on a road trip you may be SOL and not covered.

We can all point to friends or personal experiences where we or they had expensive repairs and we "wish" we had purchased the extended coverage. It's part of human psychology, we tend to remember these experiences. We tend not to remember all the times that nothing (or nothing much) went wrong. Our brains simply aren't programmed that way.

Dealers (and BMW) are taking advantage of you and your brain's evolutionary traits. Be strong and resist the urge to line their pockets with these excessively profitable extended warranties. They are a bad deal for consumers.