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Originally Posted by ScottSmith View Post
I think you found the right part. I think the original standard is USCAR 1.2 or maybe VDA 1.2. Tons of companies make versions compatible with it, including TE (MCON), Molex, etc. You can get TE MCON connectors from or, but the standard connector (say, TE 1-1718643-1) doesn't have that step on the end that you have in those pictures and that the part you found has. That looks like a variant from the original spec. The risk is the terminals won't fit the housing; plus even within the spec there are two types of terminals (lance-less and clean body) and they require different connector housings.

I think the original part is SealStar HMK 1.2, part #806-026-541. But I haven't found where to order it.

Oh wow you found the OE. Do you know which type of terminals are required for the socket? I tried using some old terminals I had when I repaired my ambient temp sensor on my e46 but those didn't fit correctly.