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Replacing N20 Turbo Oil Supply Pipe


I'm looking to replace the oil supply pipe for the turbo in my N20 as it's started to leak recently and give the dreaded white smoke. Looking for somebody with experience with this fix to answer a couple of questions for me.

Is it possible to replace this oil supply line WITHOUT removing the turbocharger, or does it absolutely need to come out of the car in order to replace the line?

In the event that I do need to remove the turbo in order to replace the line, what other gaskets/o-rings am I going to NEED to replace in the process of this fix? I've got a very good mechanic who I trust with this fix but I want to make sure he has every part we need before he gets started.

My guess is:

- Turbo oil drain gasket

- Pre-catalyst gasket ring (just one?)

- Exhaust manifold gaskets (x4?)

- Do I need to buy a replacement exhaust clamp/bracket?

Appreciate 0