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Originally Posted by claykin View Post shows a new steering rack, wheel hub, steering column, steering lower joint, etc. starting 11/2012 production. Not sure if any of this fixes anything, but we can hope.
I was thinking about these changes and it seems that BMW may also be doing some changes to help with overall steering feel, considering the new lower steering joint. This new rack, I wonder if it also has a firmer feel on comfort and then firmer on sport compared to the parts on my only 4 month OLD system.

I'm sure some of those changes are addressing the greater vibration issue.
Once the new F30's come in with the new parts I'm going for a test drive to feel for myself. For me, I know I'll be po'd if the over all steering feels better.

I'm taking mine in next week to have them look into the light "thunk" I have in the steering. Listening to it while not moving, I notice it directly in the area of the steering wheel to rack linkage, not near the suspension bits. My issue may not be the same as others posting on this subject.
The problem is that the thunk seems to be stronger on certain days and almost not there on others. I explained that to the service writer, so I hope it's acting up when I take it in.
Very odd why it's distinct for a few days and then quiet.