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Originally Posted by martianpc View Post
I vote that we try to do a torrent of the files as they come out. There should be enough of us to do it well and if we agree to seed after downloading that will help keep bandwidth up and connections available. I only made it through file 12 in the 48.3 before the server went down so I do not have all the files.
I completely agree -- this is a technical forum and there should be enough of us who understand BitTorrent to make it work. BitTorrent (especially uTorrent) is easy enough for others to use. The tricks are two. First, someone has to create the .torrent. Second, enough people have to leave it up to seed sufficiently.

I am happy to help with both. If shawnsheridan wants to, he can contact me via pm when he returns. I would be happy to give him an FTP server he can connect to to upload whichever releases are current. Then, I will package them up and create .torrent files. Then, people will be able to download them at will without shawnsheridan having to mess with Bulgarian ISPs.

It DOES mean, however, that people in addition to me will need to leave their torrents seeding. BitTorrent only works well when many people who have the complete file allow their BitTorrent client to send parts of the file to other clients. The more people who leave the .torrent up, the faster downloaders will receive it -- and the less load each seeder has.

The one thing I am NOT willing to do is to become the ONLY seeder.
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