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Originally Posted by Vector Pilot View Post
Just curious, I'm hearing two dates, one reveal and the other release, what are the chances seeing an early summer release?
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Edit: So I just realized I got my signals crossed. We were originally talking F32 and somehow I got stuck in F80 mode. So disregard everything below. I'll leave it though in case anyone wants to know my opinions on the new M3 launch.

None in my opinion.

They are going to want to wait until the current M3 has fully run its course before introducing the new one so as not to completely confuse with the "M3 = sedan only now" situation. In other words I expect them to completely relaunch the M3 brand, with heavy emphasis on it now being a world class sport sedan. They may even bring up the fact that the early generation 3 Series models (and thus the original M3 too) were referred to as sedans despite having only two doors. BMW likes to bring heritage into their product launches and that would sure tie things nicely in a bow. Though I am sure there will be some grumpy folks who cry foul at such a spin. Anyway, like I say, they'll want to be well clear of the "legacy" (and it will leave quite the legacy to be sure) M3 before they start the ball rolling on all of this.

Come to think of it, now that I run through this in my head, my dates might be too aggressive. What I'd say is that pictures of the M3 concept, assuming there will be one as expected, will probably creep out this summer. I don't know about official specs. And, we still don't know how long the E93 M3 will be in production for that matter. Though traditionally, if I am not mistaken it has basically bowed out when the coupe has. Once that is wrapped, the gates for the new generation could start to open at any time.