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I have to apologize, but I honestly cannot piece together anything meaningful from what you wrote. I am trying to see your point, if there is one, but there's so many scattered thoughts brought up below, it amounts to nothing coherent from my perspective.

Can you clarify what you mean?

Or, does anyone else understand, and if so, can you interpret?

I will say that there is already a 640i so a 440i should not be a mysterious notion. Also you are incorrect in your assessment of the 335is.

Finally, I note that you did not appear to address my statement about the previous e90 335i intro vs. the existing e90 330i sedan at the time. Did you not make the connection between that and your original question?

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Because there's really no meaningful difference between a 335i and 335is, both will perform the same??

We have different lineups here too, being australia

Yes but you are talking about a 440i..

Being it means a more powerful engine, the 335i is a turbo 6 and the m3 is a turbo 6 ( more power of course).. The 440i makes no sense.