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Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
I have NBT, will the generator posted in first page work?
what are the exact instructions to get this working?
If you use E-SYS, you can read the nav enabler FSC code by using the program as Aritaurus decribed:

Originally Posted by Aritaurus View Post
Just an FYI for those of you who have NBT or can't get SWID reader to work at all.

You can actually grab the 1B or DE file from E-sys by doing the following:

FSC Extended

Base variant 0x63 (For HU_CIC or HU_NBT)
Click Identify
Application ID 0x1B for (App ID 27 for CIC) 0xDE (App ID222 for NBT) <--- This is the App for your Nav enabler
Upgrade Index 0x1

Move Store FSC from the left to the right
Click Read
Click Save and name the file FXXXXXX_0001B001.fsc for CIC or FXXXXXX_000DE001.fsc for NBT where FXXXXXX is your VIN.

I've tried this method for both CIC and NBT and it works.
Then, proceed with step 2 [DECODE FSC] in the video.