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I'm too lazy to go through this whole thread, which is probably not fair to you, but I did read the first and last pages to compare your photos. It looks like you are branching out into trying new things, like the long exposure photo that created the really cool light trails.

I think though, that it seems between your first and last photos a couple things still stand out.

1. Your composition still seems to be a bit off. I'd suggest either watching youtube videos on composition or practicing taking the same photo several different ways to see how different they look given the eye line, where the subject is in relation to the frame (camera right/center/left) and how the background is framed. I work in film so I am always very cognisant of the background whenever anything is framed, this isn't as important in photography (arguably) but a shitty background can ruin a shot regardless of it being still/moving.

2. Editing. Your editing looks to have improved immensely from the first to last page. I did read early on you didn't have photoshop and you were using the canon tool. I find that very valuable to adjust for improper exposure or clipping etc etc changes if you don't have the proper light to really set a scene. I think you should get a strobe if you're thinking about doing more night photography because it's very difficult to get a clean shot without a light source you can manipulate.

3. Keep doing it! You've got passion and locations, you're building up the skill and you've shown improvement. Find your own style, create what you like, and continue to master it. Take a class or two or meet with other photographers to get some brian share. Creativity can be found in marvelous places.