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The GT has more rear legroom, as much trunk space, is 6 inches lower, drives much better, and is far quieter. Quite a few X3 owners who've seen, and more important sat in, my GT said they'd have bought the GT if it had been available prior to the 2014 model year. The latest convert after seeing and sitting in my GT currently has a 535. If not for the GT I would not have bought a BMW. None of the car models lower than the 7 series had the passenger space I wanted, even a 7 didn't have the cargo room, and I did not want an SUV.
Well said. I`ve also seriously considered an X3 but I couldn`t ignore that the GT has

- a lower base price
- handles better
- offers more standard options
- more rear legroom (even more than an X5)
- plenty of cargo room
- better fuel economy
- lower cost for wheels and tires
- possibility of adding M Performance Power Kit which I did.

Don`t get me wrong, the X3 is a great car and the 2018 version is even better... but like you said, not everyone wants an SUV.
I'd add that the x3 is probably the most useless car in the bmw lineup. If you need an SUV, get the real SUV like the X5. If you want better handling, get a 3/4 series. We have a 3GT and a X5, and I feel like that the perfect match.

Again this is just my personal opinion.