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Drivetrain Malfunction Turbo Not Working on Warm Engine

Details of the car in the bottom. When the car is cold, it starts with no problem and it can drive for 100s of miles like that. But if I turned it off and turn it back on right away (while warm), then the drivetrain malfunction message appears and the turbo does not seem to work as power is significantly lower. With no other signs of stuttering or shaking - pure loss of power.

In order to get it back to full power and for the drivetrain malfunction message to go away, I need to turn it on and off until i get lucky or just wait till it cools off. And it will be normal to drive for miles again. Until I turn it off the issue comes back.

Which leads me to believe that it must be some sort of sensor with some type of solenoid mechanism that malfunctions when it gets hot. Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator Maybe?

Please let me know if anyone has come across this issues and knows how to fix it.

2013 328xi
twin turbo
60,000 miles