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Answers to my own questions below, for anyone running into this in the future:

Originally Posted by chambo622 View Post
Front fuse box - my car doesn't have the connector marked Z7*10B in the instructions, but I see where that would go, looks to be part number 61139228356 based on real OEM. So if I get that and plug in, I should be good?
Yes. This connector is needed. I believe marius76 includes it with his harness, recommend going that route.

FEM module: my car already has wires coming out of pins 20 and 21 on A173*2B and pins 49 and 50 on A173*8B. The instructions say, if pins already are there, "connect with mini-connectors." What does that mean?
I ended up stripping + soldering + shrink heating the connections. It's not actually clear to me why the headlights need two CAN connections but it must be for redundancy.

Additional note when upgrading from halogens: don't forget to move pin 12 to pin 8 on each headlight connector, and then move the wires at the FEM side, to correctly connect the LIN bus. The BMW instructions are only applicable for EU Halogens that already have a connection to pin 8. For US, the procedure is as documented in this helpful guide for Xenon (step 38). You'll be using the blue/black and green/black wires that are already running to each headlight, moving them to pins 53 and 54 on A173*4B.

I decided to skip the level sensors for now, since that seems like a lot of work. I've been trying to get rid of the error for now by coding LWR_ENABLE, but the code seems to persist whether I set that to aktiv or nicht aktiv.

Any ideas?

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