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Originally Posted by Littlebear View Post
If anyone has an "F30 LED Headlight Replacement Wiring for Dummies", could you pls share?

TIA! Murf
Hi guy's,
First time posting on here. Looking for some advice.
I know there's LOADS of information on this particular topic but I can't seem to find a solution.

I have a F30 with LCI LEDS (previously xenon) but only the DRL & indicators work, no main beams EXCEPT weirdly for a few seconds everytime I start to drive (even moving the car back/forward)
I got told it was maybe the coding so paid for a chap to code them but didn't make a difference, infact before the coding the indicators used to flash at the correct speed but now they flash like they're on drugs (fast!)

Any ideas/help will truly be appreciated.