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Lightbulb DIY: Repair Headlight Brackets/ Replace Cracked Lens Cover

As of October 2020, LED Headlight Housings (without ballasts) for F30s are upwards of $1500 new (source: BMWPartsHub) and probably more from your local dealer.

Since the occasional fender bender involves a headlight, I wanted to write up a DIY regarding repair, in the event that the lens cover cracks or shatters, and one or more of the mounting tabs breaks off.

For context, I am replacing about 90% of the front end on my 2016 340i, which includes both headlights. It was in a front end accident. The driver side was beyond saving - so this will focus on "lighter" type of damage on the passenger (RH) headlight housing. I will be replacing the entire clear lens cover, and 3 of the 5 major mounting brackets.

I have modeled up repair brackets in SolidWorks, and intend to have them 3D printed using ABS. Never done this type of repair before, so unsure of material compatibility and the best adhesives to use, but the plan is to adhere the brackets using appropriate surface preparation and a two part epoxy (I will use JB Weld).

If I get some interest in this, I can print up a few dozen repair brackets and sell/ ship them to those in need for a small fee, or upload the .STL file for anyone with their own 3D printer. The lens cover I have found on eBay for $150 shipped.
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