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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
You're reaching here. Sorry.

You are more or less (indirectly) agreeing w/ me in that BMW would have announced something at this point. Your only real "hope" now lies in a supply shortage. In theory ... anything is possible. That said, maybe they'll run out of F30s completely, and you'll end up w/ a 5 Series instead. One can hope.

(PS - I'm not trying to be a prick - I'm just trying to lay the facts out on the table for other readers. This falsified hope leads to misinformation being spread.)

I take no offense and you are not being a prick. But come 2014 this new Nav will be in the car. It just stinks that it could be in it now, since its alread in the 5, 7 and Active Hybrid 335i. Makes you think it was a mistake on our end to even talk about it knowing its a 2014 option. yet 5 series peeps continue to laud it and praise it for its speed and visual excellence. Thats what we get on second production model runs. Not quite perfected cars. I get it, I just wish it were another truth.