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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
Did it? It says nothing bout the throttle response so I rest my case

But I think it's been answered a few times already and basically the throttle response in Comfort is the true response and Sport is more or less an ON/OFF setting. When DSC is off, for your own safety, the throttle responds realistically. And I would assume that if in Sport, you still get the shift points and quicker shifts. Who's with me?
Sounds logical to me, although the "traction mode" theory also seems plausible as the manual specifically refers to manually turning off DSC when trying to get moving in snowy conditions etc. Either way, a linear and realistic throttle response is wanted both when you're in mood for power slides or trying to get moving on ice.

BTW, has anyone had any sideways fun in their 328 yet? Is it powerful enough to do it? Merely curious...
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