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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
In the US, the 3 series is a "near luxury" model. The base 3 comes with very very little to call it a "luxury" automobile. BMW is now offering pricey options for the 3. Putting everything in a 335i puts one near $60K. Just because one can go overboard with options, that still doesn't justify a near $60K price tag for a 3 series. Like I said, I wouldn't do it, doesn't mean someone else won't.

I posted what I did in response to a person who feels that a 3 series should have certain things standard in it. The 3 doesn't have those things standard because it's not a luxury car. If one expects all manner of luxury, then move up to a model that is more of a luxury car and offers more luxury features as standard.
So, I agree that there are reasons to go with a 3. But, I was addressing a specific post. BTW, how nice that we all now know that you can afford a loaded 7, but would settle for a 3.

Oh, and in Europe there are even more "entry level" BMW's than we get in the states.

Comparing straight numbers between different currencies and different countries tells one nothing. People post these numbers all the time as if there is an equal comparison to be made. The draw any meaningful price comparisons you should know the average and mean income for the countries compared. Then, compare the price of different vehicles sold in that country. Posting a $100,000 number and asking me if I'd pay that proves no point. Now, would I spend $100,000 for a3 series in the US? I already stated that I wouldn't spend $60k, so NO, I wouldn't pay $100,000.
Those numbers don't say anything? I'm sorry but as an European now living in the US, I see the differences quite clearly, especially since I still handle money on a frequent base on both sides of the big pond. People in Europe pay way more on their cars than they do in the US. Salaries are comparable, if not better in the US. Why? Because you pay a LOT less tax here and get to keep a lot more in your pocket. The price tag before taxes in Europe is not much different from what it is in the US but after taxes they pay at least $30K-$40K more. This while they do make less money than in the US. I'm really sorry but those numbers mean a lot. And while you might not think so, but to many people over there 70K does feel like $100K feels over there, if not more. You obviously have no idea.

More 'entry level' BMW's in Europe than in the States? Not where I come from. In the Netherlands, and many other countries in Europe, people mostly drive in compact cars simply because they cannot pay for a BMW, and simply because the price of gas and road taxes is way too high in order to maintain said BMW. As a matter of fact, I have not ever seen so many BMW's in a place as since I lived here in Hawaii, it's almost as if everyone can drive one here. Perhaps you're right in the total amount of BMW's that is driving there, that could be, but don't forget Europe is much bigger and that there is about 3 times more people living in Europe so it's easy to chance the numbers to your own benefit in this.

Seeing your misplaced sarcasm I can only conclude you missed my point when I said something about affording a 7 series. What I said has nothing to do with what I can but all with the fact that not everyone wants a higher luxury car even if they can. Nothing else. And, honestly, that was also the sole reason I made my initial reply to you.
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