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The Steering

A lot of people have said the EPS (Electronic Power Steering) isn't as good as the E90, although it hasn't been slated and outright insulted like the EPS system on the F10/F11. And rightly so, after driving the 5 Series, it is quite vague so again I had my worries. Then I drove an F30. Wow.
Then I drove my F30.

Fabulous. I haven't even opted for the Variable steering, just the standard one and I'm really happy with it! It's lighter than my E90 and although there is a little less feel, it's nicer because it still instills confidence when chucking it about but is also more comfortable. And just easier. It's also saving me fuel! I really like it, but it is down to personal preference and what you want from a car. There is no delay from the electric motor turning on and I don't have the notorious vibration at 45mph+. I love it!

Sport Steering Wheel
I absolutely adore the feel of the wheel itself. I thought my E90 was good, it was "meaty", but this is even better! The PERFECT thickness, the PERFECT size and the PERFECT button layout! So intuitive and ergonomic, even for the stubby fingered community like myself - the stalks are perfectly placed.

Wheel buttons
The buttons and scrollers on the wheel are perfectly placed and I think the radio/media/telephone menu display on the instrument panel is really good and easy to use, much more accessible than the iDrive or dash buttons when driving - a very intuitive menu and a brilliant idea! I like that a lot.

Any questions/requests on the steering wheel, post away!
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