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Visibility Package

Adaptive Bi-Xenon Headlights
Amazing! My first Xenon's and I'm really impressed! They are brilliantly bright and look amazing from inside and outside! They don't have the stupid over blueness to them either, they are... white light really, which is excellent!
So, I stayed up late (since it was the longest day here only a few days ago) and went out to test them, along with their Adaptive aspect. WORKS BRILLIANTLY! I turn right slightly, bam, the road is illuminated, left, illuminated, straight, illuminated - just awesome!! So I took it on a fast, windy road to see if they could keep up. They were ahead. I would like to applaud the people who designed these, they are perfect. I've used that word a lot so far, but no word can better sum it up!

High Beam Assistant
I thought this might be a bit of a gimmick and that I was never going to use it, so on the same night as above, I gave them a try. Nervously, I enabled the system, already concerned that I'm going to be blinding other drivers with the Xenon's dipped! Nobody around, the high beam came on (woah, that's like driving with a sun on the front of the car!! ). Then another car rounded the corner and before I could even move my finger to the stalk, the high beam was off! As soon as it passed, they were immediately back on! I was well impressed!
So then I approached another car, in the distance and as soon as the red lights were visible, the lights dipped once more. I passed it, back on! So I tried this in pretty much every situation, everywhere and they worked like a dream! No gimmick here! You deserve a round of applause too.

The Angel Eyes Daytime Running Lights are brilliant! Really bright, really cool! That is all.

Any questions/requests regarding the lights, you know what to do!
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