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Great stuff, and lots to take in! Got mine last Friday and I went for a very similar spec... didn't take the Mobile application preparation (wish I had now!), the HK hifi upgrade, windscreen with grey shade band, or Reversing Assist camera. On the other hand I did go for Head-Up display + speed limit info, electric sports seats with memory & lumbar support, and sunroof.

Only done 80 miles so far so can't really say much (yet ) but initial impressions are much the same as yours. Only thing that I'm reserving judgement on are the adaptive headlights with high beam assist. On a dark country road they are perfect and spotted oncoming cars brilliantly. However I had to follow an MX-5 for a few miles and the lights were dancing around all over the place! Some of the time it's as if the lights formed a black box around the rear of the car in front and I thought "wow, that's clever!". But some times the full beam came on and eventually the car in front pulled over and indicated for me to pass - guess they thought I was flashing them (well the car might have been but I wasn't).

Anyway, thanks again for a great write up. As I learn more about the car (and sounds like things get better after 1200m) I'll be sure to come back and probably agree with you some more