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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
Not really no...
I can't fault this car! It's just so god damn perfect! I mean, eventually, something will go wrong - all my BMW's have had one or two little faults (engine on all I think...) in their 3 year life time.
I'm on 27000miles per year in this by the way!
Even the ASS is quite good although it did leave my car running. Mind you, I've not been able to recreate the problem so I'm not fussed!
Oh and it misfired for 2-3 seconds on a cold start once but sorted itself out immediately and has been perfect again since.
I think I would like somewhere to put the key like in my E90 but that's not really worth mentioning.

It's just that good!!
First time I've ever been able to go mad on the options list and not compromise anything!
Great review!

I've not driven an F30 with the standard suspension.
Your review shows it to be very acceptable. That's great.

BTW, your steering and controls are on the wrong side.
What's up with that!? Must be one of the "Euro" options we don't get in the