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Originally Posted by David325Australia View Post
Hey SomeRandomer123,

First, your post is fantastic. It really doesn't take much for us BMW fanatics to sit down and write a review on our beloved cars, but yours is TOPS!!! Great effort. Thanks for some rare RHD pics too!!!

I chose not to have a rear camera in my E90 and the same with my order for the F30. I read that your camera was 'free' in your lease package, but is it really necessary in a low sitting sedan with a fairly large rear window?

I haven't regretted ordering one for my E90 and as I currently have iDrive, the on screen animation is more than enough for me. I doubt I will miss it in my F30.

Any thoughts
That's right yes. Lex threw it in on their quote so when I asked BMW to match or beat it, they threw it in too and so I lease this directly through BMW themselves, so it means they can just get on with it and perform work as they wish too, instead of getting Lex's permission.

I thought that too, especially as the car comes standard (328i Luxury) with front and rear PDC but it's actually really useful and I use it so much when reversing! The guidelines and really handy and really exact too and it's just another great piece of kit that I thought was going to be a bit of a gimmick, but no! It's really handy and I like it a lot. It also surprised me at night too because it makes night time look like daytime on the screen! Very impressive!

Makes me think Surround View must be pretty good too but I would rather blow the cash for that on the stereo or something instead, because I can look left and right, and have front and rear PDC!

It looks quite cool too and is another point of "ooh wow look at that!" for my passengers.

Yeah, you won't miss it at all! But if you had it, I reckon you'd get quite used to it too.

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