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Excellent review! I agree, I'd go saddle leather if I went Luxury Line -- IMO it's the only reason to do so! We have so few interior choices, particularly here in the US, I don't want another black interior or puke beige. I definitely dig your choice of the dark wood -- I don't like wood interiors in general, but the dark ones look nice.

I'm really hoping we get the 330d here in the US, but it seems like the N20 might be a good compromise -- I've never actually driven the diesel, and was very impressed by the N20. It felt like easily 95% of the power of the N55. Both engines are so quiet that exhaust note is not really a factor to me.

Mbauer, did you drive the 328 in sport mode? I agree the power steering was too light in Eco Pro mode, but in sport mode it was great. In the A4 I drove on the Ultimate Drive or whatever they call it nowadays, it felt like nothing was attached to the steering wheel!